How do I change my Facebook profile picture to a video?

You may have seen a profile picture on Facebook where it's a looping video. It's pretty neat and eye catching! Even though it's your personal profile picture and not your business page, you can still use this feature to spark interest about your business.  

Show yourself doing your craft or in your element. If you're a personal trainer, show yourself doing a lift or doing a pull up. Flex it up. If you're a baker, show off your decorating skills. If you're a woodworker, give us a peak behind the scenes or even highlight a finished product. Have fun with it! Here's how to make one. 

(Note - this can only be done from your phone and on your profile, not on a Facebook business page as of right now.)


1. Open the Facebook app on your phone and go to your profile. 



2. Click your profile picture and you'll see the option to "Take a New Profile Video" or "Select Profile Video." 


3. You now have the option to record your video or select a previously recorded video. Have fun!


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Po Yi Cheung