How often should I post on Social media?

At Spark Up, we believe first and foremost in being authentic so this answer will vary for everyone. 

If you have something to share every day, there's no problem in posting every day. Just make sure you're thinking about what you're putting out there, that you're not overwhelming the customer, and that you're not sharing the same photos or information over and over again. 

However, posting every day isn't necessary for many people. Make sure that you have something authentic to say and that you're not just cranking out content for the sake of posting. Posting 1 behind the scenes posts sharing your process of how you make a product is much more interesting than 10 posts of the different angles of the same finished product in concession. 

Even more importantly, you should be consistent. Don't post everyday for 2 weeks and then nothing for 1 week. Follow a plan that is feasible for you to do repeatedly, whether that be posting 3 times a week or 7 times a week. Be conscious of your timing. Look into your analytics and use social media scheduling tools to help you if you need it. 

Have a voice and put thought into your content. In sales, there's a common phrase - "ABC - always be closing." In your social media presence, I don't believe this is the way to go. If all you're doing is selling, selling, selling, it's not as captivating and intriguing to your followers. You should showcase your items and services, but you should show other things as well. If you follow these guidelines, it can naturally dictate how often you post. 

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Po Yi Cheung