Should I use Instagram stories for my business?

We believe the answer is a definite yes! Chances are, you're already posting regularly on Instagram for your business. You can easily it one step further by using Instagram Stories. Instagram is one of the most active social media platforms out there today. There are millions of users on Instagram's platform, and many people log in daily. With Instagram Stories, you can achieve higher engagement while connecting to your audience on a deeper level.  It's another big opportunity to be more personal and interesting. Show people the behind the scenes of your business, do demos and how-tos, get opinions and feedback, or even go live!

Here a few ways Instagram Stories allow the viewer to directly engage with you. 

1. Poll - You can ask the user any question and then give them 2 possible answer to choose from. This is a great way to receive and utilize the opinions of your customers. What color should we paint this wall - gray or blue? Do you like the updated version of our product - yes or no? 


2. Sliding scale rating - This feature is usually used more for fun but is still a great way for users to engage with your story. Ask any question, set which emoji represents the scale, and let users show you how much they love or hate it. 


3. Questions - This is one of the newest and one of our current favorite features in IG Stories. You can simply keep it "Ask me a question" and let users submit questions or you can change it to anything you would like to get feedback on. You can then view the responses by going to the story and clicking in the bottom lefthand corner. Click on each question/response to share and connect with your audience.  


If you have further questions or have a topic you would like to request, feel free to Spark Up a conversation with us! 





Po Yi Cheung